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(Calamari black-ink spaghetti)

One of our unchanging dishes since 1980.


Detail will be shown on the menu on site.  Let us show you the outline as follows.


As of Aug. 2016, Tax is not included

- A la carte floor (1F) -

Appetizers:\300,  Pizzas: \900,  Pastas:\1,100,  Fishes:\2,000,  Meats:\2,000,  Desserts:\500

(price shows each starting price)

Pasta Lunch set: \1,800


- Course menu floor (2F) -

PRE FIX menu

Lunch: Assorted appetizers,  Pasta,  Main dish,  Dessert,  soft drink


A: Appetizers or Pasta,  Main dish,   Dessert,  soft drink


B: Appetizers,  Pasta or Risotto,  Main dish,  Dessert,  soft drink


C: Appetizers,  Pasta or Risotto,  Fish,  Meat,  Dessert,  soft drink


* Dinner course will be served with sparkling wine or mineral/still water.

DAILY menu

Assorted appetizers,  chef's special pasta,  Fish,  Meat,  Dessert,  soft drink


* Use ingredients of the day


- Wine -

We will carry wine bottles to the wine cellar from the basement on your request according to your order for dishes.

\500 - \1,250/glass

\1,750 - \2,940/decanter

\2,500 - 12,000/bottle

We would like to hear your favorite and give our recommendation from a variety of stocks. 



See wine list

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