I, chef of RONDINO, grew up in Shonan (湘南 seaside) and do just surfing in my off times.  Therefore, Kamakura means the ocean to me.  I seldom go to temple nor shrine.


Shichirigahama  七里ヶ浜

  Schichirigahama beach extends long from the area that has become famous as the stage of a comic book of a high school basket ball team to Inamuragasaki.


  Large parking along the beach is always lively with many people when Shichirigahama Flea Market is opened.

  I's also well known as a good surfing spot.


  Historically, it is said that ancient travelers walked on the beach from Koshigoe near Enoshima to Inamuragasaki cape.


Inamuragasaki  稲村ヶ崎


  This cape is famous for some historical episodes and said that Inamuragasaki is the West border of Kamakura those days.

  It's not good for sea bathing because of sudden drop-off and rocks, but the best surfing point in the typhoon season. Inamura Classic Invitation, a big surfing competition is held once in several years.

   Before anything, I believe that the best ocean view in Kamakura should be from Inamuragasaki.

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Kamakura map

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